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the working title of this album was cow jazz - the track with this title, the pictures of cows on cover and on the inner of the CD hint at the symbolism at least clearly obvious in the design work if not so overtly in the lyrics - clearly cows have come to symbolise something, what exactly isn't clear if one views these songs as separate stories

yet collectively they can at least document something about the story of a generation, about a change in the relations between women and men. Change for the better it can be argued but perhaps not so if the evident loneliness and affectionate narcissism of most of the songs on this album are considered together. No solutions to the dilemma are posited, they are just stories after all and Love is a story teller.

released january 2006 nominated 'best country music album' New Zealand Music Awards, 2007


released January 1, 2006

cover art photograph of cow at ratana church Wanganui district New Zealand by steve cournane

mixed by clinton brown and warren love
engineered and recorded by robbie duncan at braeburn studios Wellington New Zealand



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Warren Love Wellington, New Zealand

Love is a busker who came off the streets with a DEBUT ALBUM which was nominated 'best country music album' NZ Music Awards 2006/7 and described as a "classic". He was joined by NZ's top musicians in the genre

Radio NZ said, "the vocals are magic - there's a warmth and immediacy to warren love's singing that makes me . . . want to hear more."

NEW ALBUM working title 'Somebodys Darling'
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Track Name: beautiful heart
like a passionless statue
hey you know how to hide
on the surface you stand
still as a rock, but you're
seething inside

it's not a matter of pride
it's not a matter of joy
what's wrong with the man
is only the grown up pain
of the boy

you stand alone in the garden
with your all seeing eye
while you wait for the kiss
to unlock your heart
and bring you alive

it's alright to be there
it's alright to be scared
just remember the heart
you were born with was whole
knowing nothing of fear

such a beautiful heart
such a beautiful dream
how the hell do you start
scaring the ghosts
of what might have been

someone must have been cruel
must have stabbed you inside
such a long time ago
you mistook the scars
of what might have been

whose been holding you back
whose been tearing you down
little boy in the clouds
flying away from
the cold hard ground

- music & lyrics copyright al withan
Track Name: cow jazz
duffy o'brien, mccaw
and mcgrady were hungry
they were out getting burgers
when they got the call

so they revved up the motor
were rolling down the road like thunder
headlights full beam
and something unsure on the line

duffy looked round at the men
in the back of the valiant
he knew every joke
he knew every story they told

but they worked in the sheds
and both really liked warren zevon
and there ain't too many
who listen to music round here

oh sister don't you weep for me
i'm coming down
oh sister don't you weep for me
i'm coming round

i've been ready for ages
i've been ready for a while
i've been waiting for your call
i still have to drive and extra mile

duffy pulled over
mccaw and mcgrady looked worried
they'd known him for years
never seen the man act this way

but the gig was all up
the cows were coming down the river
this kind of love
could punish the end of the day

- words and music copyright s.cournane w.love
Track Name: aimless love
- words and music copyright j.prine
Track Name: making waves
he was making waves
just as far as he could
but he listens now
just like he should

he's a cornfed pirate
on the golden maine
he's a rebel rustler
in his heart again

his guitars gonna burn
these buildings down
he can take the lies
but not the sounds

there are those who need it
including him he's found
so this life he's leading
on the edge of town

let's just say you have a wandering heart
let's just say go wherever you want
let's just say this is the best that it gets

shanananana . . .

- words and music copyright w.love
Track Name: autographed picture of jesus
i've got an autographed picture of jesus
i've had it since i was a kid
now i don't know if he really signed it
but my grandfather told me he did

yeh he signed it right there on the bottom
and he added a personal note
good living, god bless ya from jesus
i'll be with you wherever you roam

it's just a beautiful picture of jesus
and it hangs on the living room wall
the sad. broken eyes of the saviour
will follow wherever you roam

now i know that it ain't no renoir
it don't cry no tears or bleed
i know that you'll never findd it
in some big city art gallery

now i know that someday i'll be with him
and we'll walk through valleys of gold
and i'll remind him of that beautiful picture
that hung on our living room wall

yeh he signed it right there on the bottom
and he added a personal note
good living, god bless ya from jesus
i'll be with you wherever you roam

- words and music copyright k.byrt and b.hennessey
Track Name: new shores
many a heart has foundered
many a ships been wrecked
on these same shores
round here

i've taken false soundings
often misread the tides
wrecked on these same rocks
round here

set sail for land dumbfounded
see harbour light
safe anchorage
in my arms tonight

i've always loved like a scoundrel
better get better ways
or our hearts will founder
on these new shores

- words and music copyright w.love
Track Name: in a town this size
- words and music copyright k.kane
Track Name: louise, louise
i've got memories of you
to last me till the night is through
and i've got reason to believe
you've got no heart

it won't stand the test of time
so i'll not try to keep it mine
but i know trying to let go
could break my heart

it'll hit me later in the evening
and boy these nights they sure are cold
i won't stay here through the winter
this house is ours it sure ain't mine

louise, louise saw you crying last night
louise, louise can i take you home
louise, louise he ain't treating you right

it'll hot you later in the evening
and boy these nights they sure are cold
sometimes it's best to bail out early
someday you'll be back on ya feet

- words and music copyright w.love
Track Name: don's song
i wish i was
the apple
on the tree
i wish i was
the baby
on the knee

i wish i was
a young man
so i could
get it right
i'm feeling lazy
i'm feeling lazy tonight

do you wish that
you were dancing
at the ball
do you wish
that he had kissed
you in the hall

do you wish you
were a young girl
so you can get it right
you're feeling lazy
you're feeling lazy tonight

- words and music copyright w.love
Track Name: miss muffet
little miss muffet sat on her f]tuffet
eating her curds and whey, along came
a spider and sat down beside her
and frightened miss muffet away

humpty dumpty sat on a wall
humpty dumpty had a great fall
all the king's horses and all the king's men
couldn't put humpty back together again

remember jack horner he sat in a corner
because he wasn't very bright
he put in his thumb and pulled out a plu
and said what a smart boy am i

take a lesson from jack keep an eye
on your back and you'll get your share of pie
hey diddle diddle the cat and the
fiddle, i'm gonna give it a try

hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle
the cow jumped over the moon
the little dog laughed to see such fun
and the dish ran away with the spoon

that old dish rand away . . .

- words and music copyright w.love